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Phone: 03 8752 8500



Foster Care Association of Victoria

The FCAV/PPSS Carer Information and Support Service is a joint venture operated by the Foster Care Association of Victoria Inc. and the Post Placement Support Service (Vic) Inc. The service operates in addition to the supports and advocacy offered to statutory foster, kinship and permanent carers through their funded care agencies, providing carers with an independent referral and assistance point should they need one. FCAV also runs training and periodical seminars for carers.

Carer can access an information and support service through a hotline 03 9416 4292 or through online enquiry on their website.

Post Placement Support Service

The Post Placement Support Service (PPSS) works to support kinship carers, permanent carers, foster carers and adoptive parents to care for their children and themselves. Services offered include Information Services, Training Programs, Support Groups, Best Practice Research and Advocacy (through rep bodies and forums).

Post Placement Support Service also operate a Carer Information and Support Service (CISS) line in partnership with FCAV (see above) for carers to access support, information and referrals on 03 9489 9770 (bus hours).