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Be a Foster Carer. It's Life Changing

Life Without Barriers is currently seeking compassionate individuals, couples and families to become Foster Carers by providing long and short-term care or weekend respite foster care for children and young people who are unable to live with their families.

When you become a Foster Carer, the children who come into your home will present both challenges and opportunities. The challenge is caring for children who have experienced difficult circumstances in their life and may be insecure, frightened and sometimes angry.The opportunity is the love, understanding and patience they receive from you and the huge difference this can make in their life, as well as yours. If you can provide a safe, stable and nurturing home we'd love to hear from you. Click here to contact us.

We Put Children First provides more information about our stance on child safety and well-being, it includes guidelines about what constitutes illegal, unacceptable, and concerning behaviour in relation to children. 


How to become a Foster Carer

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Contact us via email at or fill out the form here. This lets us know that you are interested in becoming a foster carer. We will send you information aimed at helping you make an informed decision about moving ahead.

Depending on which State or Territory you live we have;
1. Home information sessions where we will arrange a time with you to visit you at home and give you more information about fostering and answer any questions you and your family may have
2. Group information sessions in your area where you can ask us any questions you may have and meet our team.

By filling out the application you are formally agreeing to move ahead with the process to be a Foster Carer.

We are required to conduct background checks for all Foster Carers.
These include: reference checks, medical checks and a safety check of your home for potential safety issues relevant to foster caring.
Formal background checks or probity are also conducted: Each State or Territory of Australia has slightly different regulations but these are generally called a Working With Children Check and a Criminal Record Check.

You and your family (and people residing with you) will be part of an assessment process. We need to find out:
• Why you and your family are keen to be a foster family
• What your skills are
• Your coping and support mechanisms
• The type of support you will require
• The age and needs of the children that would suit your family and experiences
• Your ability to provide a supportive and caring environment for children
• Your ability to keep children safe from harm
You are encouraged to ask lots of questions about foster caring throughout the assessment. The assessment interviews will take place in your home and are conducted over several sessions. Children and other adults residing in your home will also be interviewed.

All adults in your home are required to participate in 2-5* days of foster carer training to give you a better understanding of the foster carer role and to equip you with some of the skills you will need to provide quality care.
*Depends on State legislation

Upon completion of the paperwork, checks, assessment and training, a thorough report is created. We will let you know if you have either be approved as a carer or let  you know why you have not.

Congratulations you are now a Foster Carer!

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