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Who can be a Foster Carer?

Foster Carers: 

  • Are from any cultural background
  • Are over 18, with relevant life experience (some States require Foster Carers to be over 25 years). Upper age limits may apply for some types of care. 
  • Single; defacto, married or same sex couples; with or without children 
  • Have a spare room in their home or apartment – they can be renters or owners
  • Are well and healthy and have the emotional capacity to deal with the challenges of foster caring
  • Everyone in the household needs to be an active and willing participant in fostering vulnerable children. 

What we ask of Foster Carers:

  • You are ready to welcome a child into your family 
  • You are keen to continue learning and developing new skills
  • You have a regular source of income to meet your own family’s needs
  • You are able to focus on meeting the needs of children in your care including their educational and health needs as well as other activities and interests such as sport or music 
  • You have a willingness to support the child to develop a sense of identity which includes their culture, family, language and religion, where appropriate.
  • You have a commitment to work with a child’s family, the Government Department and the LWB Care Team towards better outcomes for the child

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Foster Carers

To ensure children maintain connections with their family and community, we need Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Foster Carers for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander kids. To find out more about this see here.

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